Spring Fever

“It’s official… Spring has arrived!!”

And it seems to have come a little earlier than usual this year, right? Well… it’s a great opportunity to pull out those cameras, head outdoors and snap some shots.

The spring season brings with it some fantastic photo ops.  With all that rain and sunshine comes a beautiful display of color. The golden hillsides become green and alive with spreads of wildflowers, trees in bloom and tons of wildlife. It’s a great time for photographing birds, insects, butterflies and don’t forget about those newborn animals.

For those of you with children, there is no better time to pack a lunch and head to the nearest park. Playgrounds are a great place to get family candids while your little ones are enjoying some playtime.  The brightly colored play structures make for very appealing backdrops. Another wonderful thing about spring is the warmer temperatures bring on snow melt. Yep, that means full creeks, running rivers and waterfalls! It’s an awesome time to play  with long exposure photography.

Spring is truly a photographers canvas and such a beautiful time of the year.. don’t let it pass you by without capturing some of its beauty. So, break out those macro lenses, open up that aperture (or not).. and create something spectacular!

I’ve included a few links below that I came across on the web. I found them to be pretty good resources for finding great photography locations in Northern and Southern California. Check them out..

Happy Snapping…   Candace

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